High quality speaker cable assemblies for wiring your amplifier.

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The quality of the speaker Cable is, sadly, sometimes neglected in audio installations. Top equipment deserves top wiring means. When it comes to the connectors, gold or silver plated connectors are advised for their superior contacts. When it comes to the speaker caber itself, use of a high current capability and low distributed capacitance is a key factor.

The speaker cable layout is also of great importance :

  • – Keep the lenght of the left speaker cable identical to the right one.
  • – Don’t make loops in the cable (this adds some serial parasitic inductance).
  • – Run the cable in straight lines, for example along walls. It helps minimizing self inductance. It improves the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) too.

speaker cable and forks

Professional round flexible Loudspeaker Cable.

2 conductors.

Oxygen Free red Copper.

Inner core colours black & red.

Outer colour black.

Fitted with our M8 gold plated connectors.

Our cable assemblies are made out of either C serie or TSK serie professional speaker cable.

TSK serie : Extra-flexible round cable with conductors composed of extremely thin elementary wires (from 315 to 511 of diameter 0,10mm) that are first bound up in beams and then stranded for a better transmission of the audio signal.

C serie : Extra-flexible roung cable with conductors composed of thin elementary wires (from 80 to 128 of diameter 0,20mm) that are stranded for a better transmission of the audio signal.

For complete characteristics, see our speaker cables page.

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