We build tubes amplifiers, but this site is about passions.

Our first passion is Music. Some of us like Mozart, some like Led Zeppelin. Some of us are Blues lovers, others won’t live without Jazz. But we all want Music in our lives.

Our second passion is our job. We like to make things, to build nice objects. And we are passionate about how we do it: the best way we can, using the best – and this doesn’t mean the most expensive – components we can find.

Our third passion is to offer unique objects. None of our tubes amplifiers is exactly the same. We are very proud of this, and are even able to offer customized items. Almost everything can be made to your liking, from the look of the amp’s casing to the set of tubes (or valves for our British friends).

Thanks for your visit, we hope you’ll enjoy the tour.

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Custom made amps

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