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ACDC sprl is a small company involved in electronic development.

We build prototypes and small series of electronic devices according to customers’ specifications. Often we start with some vague piece of schematic crudely drawn, and a few ideas.

Our first job is then to write the actual specification, that will be amended again and again as the work progresses toward the final product. We’ve been in lots of different fields of electronic, medical, railroad, cyclotron low level RF, power distribution, toy industry, even aerospace, and our customers are from all kind of industries, or even research centers or universities.

That’s what makes our job so fascinating.

Some of us were in the broadcast industry, others are audioholics, so it’s kind of astonishing that it took us about 25 years to start building high-end amplifiers. What started as an internal project for our own use turned to be a bit too successful: friends that heard our amps wanted their own too. Quite logically, if we were going to make custom enclosures and pieces, printed circuit boards, etc… on a larger scale, we might as well offer those amps for sale on the internet. (hint!)

Every and each amplifier we build is made by one and but one technician here. He starts from scratch, and does all the wiring, building and testing himself, ending by proudly signing the test report. This is our guarantee that an amplifier build at ACDC is not only working as intended but exactly tuned to give you the most pleasuring experience.