… A legendary power triode.

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300B tube from JJ

300B tube from Genalex

Originally designed by Bell Laboratories for theatre applications, the Western Electric 300B tube is regarded by many as the finest vacuum tube ever manufactured for high fidelity audio amplification. Audiophiles praise the 300B tube for its low noise, sonic purity, and long life when utilized in single-ended triode amplifiers.

There are quite audible differences in the behaviour of 300B tubes made by different manufacturers

Here are some of our listening impressions of 300B tubes, along with those of friends and from audiophiles forums


The new JJ Electronic 300B tubes made in the Slovak Republic are tremendous. Although a bit microphonic, it seems to have the best balance of smooth mids with upper and lower frequency extension. Ambience and imaging are excellent.


Electro-Harmonix 300B, Gold Grid, Long life, top-quality construction, and great tone make it one of the finest 300B tube makes available today. Like the original Western Electric 300B tube, it has the 8 course directly heated filament, 40 watt plate dissipation and the classic large shoulder tube glass. This tube’s plate curves and static DC characteristics (plate resistance, transconductance, mu) exactly match the originals.

PX300B Gold Lion

Genalex – Gold Lion PX-300B: in keeping with the tradition of Genalex to provide the highest quality tubes, New Sensor has released the Genalex Gold Lion PX300B audio power triode. This tube is the highest quality 300B type available.


The Shuguang 300B-98 tube is Shuguang’s copy of the famous Western Electric 300B tube. It’s a nice sounding affordable 300B tube.


The Shuguang 300BC tube with its Solid Graphite Plate has good clarity, impressive bass, and good dynamics. It’s a little to the warmer side of neutral, and has both a deep and wide soundstage.

WE 300B

Renewed demand for the classic tube led Western Electric engineers to painstakingly and faithfully recreate the original 300B. In every detail, the new 300B tube is identical to the original version manufactured between 1937 and 1988. These tubes are produced in the new Western Electric facility in Huntsville, Alabama – USA using the original tooling, materials, engineering, specifications, manufacturing techniques and personnel.